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ADAX Alfrida – leðurtaska

23.900kr. 19.120kr.

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  • Bari leðurtaska
  • 22 x 21 x 8 cm
  • Axlaról 77 – 144 cm
  • Litur: svartur

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Alfrida shoulder bag

With its timeless design, Alfrida is the perfect bag for you who want a bag you can use season after season, and still fit in with fashion. The shoulder bag is perfect for everyday activities or when you go for a walk with your friends.

Alfrida is made of high quality leather, which strengthens the durability of the bag. The skin is nice and soft, and has a nice natural structure.

On the front and the back of the shoulder bag is a zippered pocket where you can store small items. Alfrida is opened with a zipper, in which the bag consists of two compartments. Inside are two zipper pockets and an open leather pocket. With the many room divisions, Alfrida gives you a great opportunity to organize your things.

The shoulder bag is practical and can include your mobile, cosmetics, purse, glasses and keys.

Alfrida has a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, which measures 77-143 cm.