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ADAX Alicia – Eco Leðurtaska


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  • Molice leður (Eco friendly)
  • Löng stillanleg ól áfestanleg
  • Stutt áfestanleg ól
  • Kortaveski fylgir
  • 27  x 14 x 6 cm.
  • Litur, koníaksbrún

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Vörunúmer: 126611 brown Flokkur: Merkimiði:

Alicia shoulder bag

Alicia is a beautiful hand-sewn shoulder bag made of eco-friendly leather. The bag has the most beautiful drapes, which give the bag an eye-catching and exclusive design. Alicia has the perfect small size, where there can be mobile, purse, sunglasses and cosmetics, among other things. With its minimalist design, the shoulder bag can give your outfit a whole new look.

The shoulder bag is opened with a zipper, in which there is a large compartment with an inside zipper pocket, which is perfect for storing small items. Alicia has both a strap that is good for over one shoulder, and a long, detachable and adjustable shoulder strap that measures xx-xx cm.

The Molise collection is inspired by the Nordic DNA, nature and culture, which has been considered throughout the design process. This season’s inspiration is also seen in the choice of color palette.

This bag is made from Eco-Friendly leather tanned with products sourced from nature, without the use of harmful chemicals to minimize our environmental footprint without compromising the amazing quality and outstanding design. Responsibility is also about people and our biggest responsibility has always been to provide a secure environment for the people creating our products for instance by providing insurance, free medical care, free transportation and education for their children