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ADAX Angela – leðurtaska m. langri ól


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  • Salerno leður
  • Rennt aðalhólf
  • Stutt og löng ól
  • 2 vasar að innan
  • Lítið kortaveski fylgir
  • 26 x 15 x 6 cm
  • Litur: svartur

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“Angela shoulder bag
Introducing the star of your many upcoming outfits – the Angela bag. Angela has a chic and feminine look and you can do nothing but feel smart when you have her on your shoulder.

Angela comes in beautiful muted colors that allow you to use her season after season, and still fit in with fashion. Don’t be afraid to put Angela together with your entire wardrobe and let her complete your look with her elegance.

The shoulder bag has a large compartment where there is a leather and zipper pocket in the lining. Angela is spacious and can easily contain your mobile, purse, cosmetics and glasses, and still have plenty of space between things.

Angela has a short detachable strap, which measures 45 cm., and a long adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, which measures 69-128 cm.

The Bacoli collection is characterized by its simple design and hand braided details. The collection came from a penchant for great materials and uncompromising design, where the intention was to create the optimal bag for the quality-conscious and modern woman.

Angela is made from calf leather of high-quality, which ensures good durability and a characteristic surface that only gets more beautiful over time.”