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Laugavegi 103 - Við Hlemm
153792_burntred_image_360x (1)
153792_burntred_image_360x (1)

ADAX Cormorano Nathali – Dömutaska


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  • Cormorano leður
  • Rennt aðalhólf
  • 2 minni vasar
  • Stillanleg axlaról
  • Kortaveski fylgir
  • Litur: rauður
  • L:26 cm. H:20 cm. D:14 cm.

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Vörunúmer: 153792-burntred Flokkar: , , Merkimiði:

Nathalie is our beautiful shoulder bag which is inspired by the current trends and are closed with a strap and a nice gold buckle which gives the bah an elegant look. 

 With Nathalie, you get a beautiful and functional bag that is spacious and can contain everything you need during your everyday life. In addition, the strap is also adjustable so it can be worn in several ways, depending on how you want to style it. 

 The shoulder bag is hand-sewn in our high-quality cormorano calfskin, and can with the right treatment last for many years. 

Shoulderstrap length: 47 – 82 cm