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Laugavegi 103 - Við Hlemm
155092_black_1000x1500 (1)
155092_black_1000x1500 (1)

ADAX Cormorano Rikke – Leðurtaska


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  • Comorano leður
  • Nett handtaska
  • Löng ól fylgir
  • 2 aðalhólf
  • 4 minni vasar
  • L:22 cm. H:14 cm. D:5 cm.
  • Lítið kortaveski fylgir
  • Litur: svartur

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Vörunúmer: 155092-black Flokkar: , , , Merkimiðar: ,

Rikke is a smaller handbag with a characteristic and timeless design that has an elegant look with a geometrically inspired flap. 

With Rikke, you get a chic and functional bag that is easy to organize with a good division of the spaces inside, and which can contain cosmetics, purse and mobile and still have plenty of space. The handbag is designed with a small handle on the top and a long adjustable and detachable strap. 

 The handbag is hand-sewn in our high-quality cormorano calfskin, and can with the right treatment last for many years. 

Short handle: 8 cm drop
Long shoulderstrap: 83 – 145 cm long