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ADAX Cormorano Zafira – Leðurtaska


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  • Löng stillanleg og áfestanleg ól
  •  3 aðalhólf lokast með loki
  • 2 renndir vasar
  • 1 opinn vasi
  • L: 27 cm. H. 20 cm. D. 5 cm.
  • Kortaveski fylgir
  • Litur: svartur

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Vörunúmer: 165992-black Flokkar: , ,

Zafira is a classic shoulder bag which is perfect for everyday life or parties, as it has a sophisticated look and very good room division. 

With Zafira, you get a nice bag that can contain all your most essential things such as cosmetics, phone and keys, still with plenty of space. 

The shoulder bag is hand-sewn in our high-quality cormorano calfskin, and can with the right treatment last for many years. 

Shoulderstrap: 69-126 cm 


Cormorano is made from the finest quality calfskin and is one of our most well-known leathers. Its characteristic surface is created by using a printing plate during the start of the tanning process followed by a coating, which makes an amazing durability.