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ADAX Dolores – Leðurtaska


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  • Venezia leðurtaska
  • Tvískipt rennt aðalhólf
  • Löng stillanleg ól
  • 2 vasar að framan
  • 2 vasar innaní
  • Lítið kortaveski fylgir
  • L: 16 cm. H. 26 cm. D. 5 cm
  • Litur, brúnn

Á lager

Bera saman
Vörunúmer: 141840-chocolate Flokkar: , , Merkimiði:

Dolores is a smart and elegant shoulder bag, which is perfect for both every day and the more festive events. The bag has an eye-catching look with its fine details.

Dolores have two front pockets, which have a flap with a magnetic closure. At the top, the bag is opened with a zipper, where inside there are two compartments and a leather and zipper pocket in the lining. With this practical design, you have the ability to organize Dolores just according to your needs.

The shoulder bag has an adjustable strap, that measures 75-136 cm.

This shoulder bag is made of the softest calfskin. The characteristic of the Venezia collection is that all the bags are shade colored. This means that after dyeing the leather, we let it dry in the sun, which creates these beautiful color shades in the bags. With Venezia, you therefore have the opportunity to get a completely unique bag, as no bag are alike.

L: 16 cm. H. 26 cm. D. 5 cm.