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ADAX Emma – Shopper


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  • Stórt rennt aðalhólf
  • 2 vasar
  • 13 x 36 x 28,5 cm
  • Efni: Leður
  • Litur: rauður

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Emma shopper

With Emma on your arm, you can’t help but feel smart. The shopper can be used when you go to a sleepover with your friend but Emma can also be used as a school and work bag. The bag has a timeless design and you can put Emma together with your entire wardrobe. Emma is the bag you can pull out season after season, and still fit in with fashion.

The bag is nice and soft and is made of embossed leather of the highest quality, which creates the beautiful and completely unique structure in the surface.

The shopper is opened with a zipper, in which the bag consists of a large compartment and a zipper and leather pocket in the lining. Emma is spacious and can easily contain a computer, water bottle, cosmetic bag and a thin sweater.

Emma is worn in the straps, which measure 58 cm.

Emma is the perfect choice for the woman who loves to stand out in a stylish way and who loves a bag of high quality.