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ADAX Magnus – Tölvutaska

42.900kr. 34.320kr.

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  • Tekur allt að 15″
  • 41 x 29,5 x 10,5 cm
  • 2 rennd aðalhólf
  • 4 minni hólf / 2 lykkjur fyrir penna
  • Löng stillanleg ól
  • Hægt að þræða á ferðatösku
  • Litur: koníaksbrúnn

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Magnus briefcase

Magnus is the perfect work bag for the fashion conscious man, who also appreciate good quality and durability. Magnus has a simple and stylish design, therefore the bag fits perfectly for both you who follow the trends of the time, but also you who goes for a timeless design.

The briefcase is hand-sewn in fantastically strong calf leather. The high quality of calf leather strengthens the bag’s durability and ensures that Magnus can withstand extra load for several years, while maintaining the beautiful surface.

At the front of the work bag is a large narrow zipper pocket, which fits perfectly with the things you want to keep track of throughout the day, such as phone, purse and keys. Magnus has two compartments, all of which opens with a zipper. One compartment has a zipper pocket in the lining and an elastic pocket with space for storing your little things. The second compartment has two large pockets, which are perfect for keeping your things in order.

Magnus is spacious and will keep your computer safe.

The work bag also have an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, which measures from 92-149 cm.