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ADAX Manja – Leðurtaska


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  • Sorano hliðartaska
  • Löng stillanleg ól
  • Stórt rennt hólf
  • 1 rennt hólf / 1 vasi
  • L: 29 cm. H. 25,5 cm. D. 11 cm.
  • Lítið kortaveski fylgir
  • Litur, koníaksbrúnn

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Sorano is made from calf leather. Throughout the entire tanning and dyeing process, the focus is on maintaining the natural look of the leather. It is a quality we are proud of, where the bags passed down from one generation to the next will become more beautiful with time.

The dye of the leather is completely transparent showing the structure of the leather and its unique characteristics. It is only the very best hides without flaws, which are used for the Sorano leather quality.

This makes the selection of the leather a very long and demanding process. Only very few tanneries are capable of producing the Sorano quality which makes the selection of this leather quite limited. The leather itself is completely natural without any kind of surface coverage.

Take care

It is recommended that the leather is treated 1-2 times a year or as needed. Use Adax Protection Spray or Adax balm to protect and preserve the leather’s natural appearance.


Brúnn, Svartur