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Laugavegi 103 - Við Hlemm

ADAX Senna – Tölvutaska


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  • Vatnsheld tölvutaska
  • Löng stillanleg ól
  • 2 minni vasar
  • L: 41 cm. H. 29 cm. D. 11 cm.
  • Ól 75-125 cm
  • Vasi fyrir fartölvu
  • Litur, svartur

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Vörunúmer: 160016-black Flokkar: , , Merkimiðar: , ,

Niki is a cool and timeless computer bag in a minimalistic design, which is perfect for everyday life! 

The bag is made with a rubberized surface, which makes the bag and the zipper construction water-resistant, which is why it fits any outfit and purpose. No worry, you can easily bring your Niki bag on the bike, in all kinds of weather.  

Niki is a work bag which is divided into two compartments, both of which are opened with a zipper. In the back partition you will find a computer pocket, and in the front, you will find a zipper pocket and space for your pens. The folder has 2 carrying handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. 

L: 41 cm. H. 29 cm. D. 11 cm. Strap 75-125 cm